About Us


GMB is committed to protecting, promoting and furthering employment rights and full equality for any worker who identifies themselves as a lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or trans (LGBT+) person.

Our LGBT+ members have organised themselves into a successful, self-organised network called GMB Shout! and in GMB London region we have a full elected committee.  We hold our annual general meeting in November/December each year.

Whilst the legal position of LGBT+ people in Britain has dramatically changed in the course of a single generation, there are substantial problems that remain at work, in accessing goods, services and facilities, in sports, on our streets and in our homes.  We continue to play a major part in winning improvements for LGBT+ people in the workplace, nationally and internationally.

We are raising awareness and campaigning for full LGBT+ equality, and encourage LGBT+ workers to join and become active in our union.

Our Aims

Working with GMB’s shop stewards, members, committees and external organisations, we aim to:

  • challenge discrimination of LGBT+ people and inequality generally

  • recruit, develop and support GMB LGBT+ members at work, and to assist others to do the same

  • campaign for, promote and advance LGBT+, equal and human rights in the workplace, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally

  • provide a safe forum where LGBT+ members can come together to talk about their issues, views, and share experiences and ideas

  • network and work with others to build a strong, diverse, inclusive and representative union and network, and for a vibrant and respectful society in which we all live, work and play

  • develop a nation-wide GMB Shout! network across the UK in all GMB Regions.


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