GMBShout! London Committee

CO-CHAIR: Sandie Maile

I have worked in the trade union movement all my working life, starting as a secretary at the GMB southern region - in fact, it was the General & Municipal Workers Union in those days!

I now work for another trade union as Equality Officer and my main area of responsibility is to provide advice and guidance to full-time officers and representatives on the range of equalities and work-life balance issues. As part of my role, I facilitate the union’s equality networks and oversee training on equalities issues, including on harassment and bullying.

I have also been a GMB member all my working life and have been active as a lay rep in my previous workplaces.

Well, that’s a little potted history of my working life! I have been passionate about promoting equality for all both throughout my life. I am currently Co-Chair of GMB Shout! in the London Region. I feel privileged to have been in a leading role with Shout since its very inception. It is wonderful that London region is leading the way in all of our self-organised groups promoting equality.

Every July I participate in the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival which celebrates trade unionism in the little Dorset village where six farmworkers were arrested for forming a trade union and transported to Australia in 1834. The Festival is an opportunity for us to remember and celebrate through music, debates and the traditional processions through the village showcasing all the colourful trade union banners.

I am very  keen that GMB should be leading on equality within the trade union movement and within society generally, and am proud to have done my part (no matter how small) in ensuring that equality is now one of the leading values of our union.

CO-CHAIR: Brian Shaw

I am the current Co-Chair of GMB Shout! London Region having been involved in the group since it's formation in 2004. I am, as well, the Chair of GMB London Regions Equality Forum having been elected by the regional equality conference to that post as well as to the National Equality Forum which I am also proud to chair.

I have been involved campaigning and organising around equality in the union movement since the early 1990's.  I was involved in the consultation over the sexual orientation regulations 2003 and the subsequent legal challenge with my then Union. In my day job I work for the PCS union as an industrial officer dealing with a number of employers and PCS members. As an out gay man I know all too well the issues that lgbt people face in wider society, having faced some of then during my life. It is important that as a trade union we reach out to all lgbt people and encourage their involvement in the work of the group as well as see a change in the GMB to ensure workplaces are lgbt friendly.

So, you may want to consider helping out at Pride, writing to politicians on issues or coming on the committee. My main focus as part of Shout! in the coming 12 months is to lead our involvement in Pride, look to develop a team that will help at such events. We all have talents and they can be utilised in the GMB to deliver change for lgbt people.

VICE-CHAIR: Taranjit Chana

Hello, I am Taranjit and I am a committee member as well as an all round campaigner and activist. for all things equality, justice and fairness

TREASURER: Nicholas John Humble

Hello, my name is Nick, I have been a member of GMB since 2000, confident in the knowledge that my back was covered by an established, profesional Union.

I joined Shout! in 2009 being elected to the comittee 2 years later. I am actively involved in events such as London Pride & the LGBT History Month's & enjoy working with such dedicated people on Shout!

I am currently a Catering Manager working at Canary Wharf. I have been in catering all my working life (a number of years) & I loves it!


Hello, John here, GMB Shout! Committee Member and “on-line” Editor.  I’ve been an active member of GMB Shout! For just over a year now and already involved in working party’s such as Pride & LGBT History Month.

I have always worked in the private sector, but have also always been a member of a trade union, knowing the protection and valuable services they provide.  It’s only in the last few years that I’ve become actively involved and have been a visible face, but have been working quietly in the background for many years.


I joined the GMB on the 8th May 2008 as I have a passion for fairness and justice. In 2010 I became my branches Equality Officer & joined GMB Shout! I have gained a lot from being involved with the London Regions self organised groups and recommended this to all members as it allows you to not just make a real change but make fantastic friends too.